Arnold Gartenbau AG stands for 30 years of expertise designing, implementing and maintaining aesthetically attractive terraces and gardens.

Terrace or garden, large or small, elaborate or simple – we plan, design and maintain your outdoor spaces according to your needs and wishes. Natural stones are our specialty. Our skilled team of experts turns your dream garden into reality.

Do you have any questions? Please give us a call! We look forward to exploring with you the best opportunities for your terrace or garden.

How to turn al land on a slope into a horizontal garden


How is it possible to create a huge horizontal surface on a slope? How is it possible, to zoom a lake closer to your garden? And what is the best way to incorporate a magnificent … Read more →

The Raised Bed as a Design Object


Raised-bed-gardening is more than a short-term trend. While they emerged first in the context of Urban Gardening, they can be seen more and more in normal gardens as well. Raised beds as well work well for structuring and designing a terrace or in a situation with constraint space. Some grow there Herbs therein, others practise even serious vegetable cultivation in it. → weiterlesen

Organic Forms for Spatial Divisions


With the organically shaped sandstone wall, the cobbled natural stone path and the carefully placed plants, the once simple lawn is given spatial structure and shielded protection.